Getting up and running with Titan

Getting Started

We've made it as simple as we can to get started, you just need access to a shell, and run a few commands.

This guide assumes you have the basics already installed; shell, composer, php, mysql and a web server. There are a few other requirements which you can check here

$ composer create-project pbbg-io/titan -s dev
$ cd titan
$ php artisan titan:install
$ php artisan titan:resources
$ yarn && yarn run production

Those just creates a new project and runs the installer and publish some assets. On the installer you will be asked some question to setup your database and such. To serve the app you can use the built in webserver

php artisan serve

And there you are. All done

Becoming a super user

If for some reason that you haven't got a super user, register on your site at http://yoururl.local/register then use the following command

php artisan titan:super-user

You will be asked what account to give it to, generally it's ID 1.